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You don’t want fancy words, you want someone who can write what you want to say. What you seek is someone who understands the meaning of your message and sends it out to the world in an impactful way.

Branding through story

Your audience is facing a conflict. Your solutions are what can resolve it. Tell them a story of how you can help them overcome their problems with customized branding through storytelling.

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Do you want to go Viral? Leave the traditional methods of trend-jacking.

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Treat your brand like Rome – it wasn’t built in one day. But when it did, lt lasted for hundreds of years.

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Coronil Catastrophe and why trademark search is important

“Motivated, hard-working and self-reliant professional who is passionate about content creation. I have recently worked with Gaurav on a project for my startup and the experience has been really great. Not only did he craft a beautiful story out of my ideas but also shared his own inputs. I would be happy to recommend Gaurav to anyone in need of creative content. Looking forward to a long term professional association.

Nabarupa Chatterjee

“Gaurav is a passionate person/content writer who is capable of writing anything, you just need to give the idea and he will turn it into words. We worked on several projects and I found him an intelligent person who wants to learn more and explore new verticals to improve his writing and knowledge. He never says NO to any challenge that he comes across, and always gives his best to perform well. I wish him all the luck for the future and for his learning spirit that keeps his energy on.

Dushyant Sharma

For Gaurav, I have no words to describe him but I know he has. That’s why he is a chef of words, an artist who can describe anything with ease. I read his work, reviews, and articles. That is such awesome and how easily he described anything which looks so relatable to you. I know whenever he goes he doing his best and mostly he always tries more than best.

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